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After finishing the Art- and Design FOS school in Munich, Dixie gained eight years of experience as a camera assistant before she started with her own DoP work for feature films, documentaries and commercials in 1996. Besides in Europe, she already gathered experience shooting in Mongolia, India, USA, South Africa and Russia. Dixie is living in Berlin/Germany and on Gotland/Sweden but also loves to work all over the world. Her preferred working area is feature film. Recently she is also engaged in her own projects as a filmmaker.


German | English | French (basic) | Swedish (basic)

Selected Credits

Journey to Cure | Documentary | D: Dixie Schmiedle | P: Dixie Schmiedle | India, Germany | 2015–2017

The almost perfect Man | Feature film | D: Vanessa Jopp | P: Ufa Cinema GmbH | Germany | 2011 (Cinema 2013)

Eagle Hunter's Son| Feature film | D: René Bo Hansen | P: Eden Film (SE), Stromberg Productions | Mongolia | 2007

Ladylike – Jetzt erst recht!| TV-movie | D: Vanessa Jopp | P: MOOVIE – the art of entertainment | Germany | 2009

Vortex | Feature film | D: Michael Pohl | P: Candela Film, Fieber Film, Arri Film+TV, BR, HFF Munich | Germany | 1999